Empty Page and You

“Sometimes empty page presents most possibilities”

Paterson (a movie)

Sometimes empty page presents most possibilities but you have to be brave to start writing on it.

You may need to change the venue where you write. Go out to a café or library. Sometimes the change of the chair you usually sit in may be enough. Change the view you see form where you are sitting. Face the window you normally have at your back. Change the keyboard. Perhaps the one you are using is not pleasant or comfortable to type on.

Perhaps you should start writing by hand and only after a while switch to typing. But, do something to start writing on your empty page. If you only think without putting your ideas on paper or screen, the ideas will disappear, vanish in your memory. They will not conceive the new ones. Ideas have the wonderful quality of gemmating.

Only when you start developing a new idea in writing or in any other area, the new ideas will start to pop up. Only because you are growing as an author or creator. You gain experience, you become an expert, you are brave to experiment, whatever you do starts to inspire you to do even more.

When you publish your texts, people start to interact with it and you. These interactions become inspirational as well. Be brave to face them. If you publish for professionals, the interactions will probably be of high standard and eye-opening. Talking to people is very often the most beneficial for your development.

You only have to start. You may start with an empty page.

Jedna odpowiedź do “Empty Page and You”

  1. Yes, Olu, what surrounds us, we experience them, people in the place ,events.. This is our inspiration.

    But we have to learn to notice and read the world with all our senses.

    Catch these little eurekas that flash to our minds.

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