Employment Tribunal

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If you think you have been unfairly 1) from your job, you can 2) a claim for your case to be 3) by an employment tribunal.

A tribunal 4) a court, although it is more informal. It hears different types of complaints from employees.

If your complaint 5) to a hearing, it will be heard by a panel of three people, which typically 6) of the chair, who is a qualified legal practitioner, and two non-legally qualified members, who may have experience as employers or union representatives, for example.

The tribunal will 7) whether your dismissal was unfair or not. If your case is successful, the tribunal will also decide whether compensation should be 8) , and if so, how much.

The tribunal may 9) a cost order, requiring the claimant or the
10) (employer) to pay the costs 11) by the other party.