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‘My name is David de Winter and I’m an employment specialist with a law in the city of Manchester. Sometimes I work in the office doing non-contentious work. I might, for example, an employment contract for an employer who requires a written agreement for all new employees to sign. The law requires employers to provide an employee with written and conditions of employment when an employee, starts a new job. An employer who doesn’t provide this is in of employment law and may suffer a penalty as a result.
I also do some contentious work, such as dealing with a between an employer and one or more employees. These quarrels are often about pay or conditions of work. I often have to appear in court and I usually for the employer rather than the employee in employment cases. I always my clients, who are usually businesses, to be very careful, because U.K. employment law is very strict and gives a lot of protection to the employee. It is easy for an employer to get into trouble with the law because he or she didn’t know enough about employment legislation. It’s my job to warn my clients about the dangers of not knowing enough about employment law and to tell them about any new law from the U.K. or the European Union.
There is, for example, an Act of Parliament (also called a statute), which states that men and women must receive pay for doing the same work. Let’s imagine a man and a woman are doing the same job. The employer is paying the man £5 an hour more than the woman for doing exactly the same work. That woman can start a against her employer in her local Employment Tribunal. The grounds for her claim are sexual .
The Employer can of course the claim. However, to be successful the employer needs to persuade the tribunal that the work the woman does is significantly different from the man’s work or that they are paid differently for reasons other than gender.
Working as an employment lawyer is very enjoyable. I feel I really help people and make a difference to their lives’.